Virtual Ranger.

FAIRWAYiQ’s Virtual Ranger uses the data from GPS technology to produce intelligence (IQ) that helps golf professionals develop a golf course pace of play tracking system, reduce wait time and enhance the player experience.

All without a screen in the golf cart. Let’s face it. Everyone already has a screen in their pocket.

Manage all types of play: carts, caddies & walkers.

FAIRWAYiQ’s Virtual Ranger™ keeps an eye on the flow of carts, caddies and players.  Real-time alerts are sent to your golf operations team indicating bottlenecks, slow players, players who are waiting.  Your team goes directly to the problem areas and addresses the issues with concrete data.   

golf cart gps
golf course pace of play tracking system
golf course pace of play tracking system

Announcing your virtual ranger™ for advanced pace of play to improve course flow

Trusted by hundreds in North America like these.

Players are assigned
to trackers.

If you’d like more detailed information on players locations, pace and wait times, you can assign players to trackers on carts, or handhelds for caddies and walkers.  We can upload your players with one click and even integrate to third-party tee time systems directly.  Behavioral information is fed to our Player Profiles.

pace of play player profiles for private golf clubs and golf courses
air traffic control view of fairwayiq golf cart gps virtual ranger for private clubs and golf courses

Monitor real-time air traffic control from anywhere.

Sensors are installed in carts, carried by players or caddies, so you know everything that is going on with play on your course.  The sensors automatically log play data, cart usage, bottlenecks, group spacing, cart usage, carts off path, restricted area alerts, and player wait times.

Measure your team's performance.

FAIRWAYiQ’s Virtual Ranger measures your team’s response time to issues on the golf course.  Our research shows that higher response times yield greater operational efficiency & player satisfaction


Integration partners.

Real-time flow alerts sent to your team.

Your team can receive real-time flow alerts to address bottleneck holes, waiting groups and slow groups.  Go directly to the problems without driving around looking for them.

fairwayiq virtual ranger golf cart gps trace line path traveled
pace of play settings mode for fairwayiq golf cart gps

Different pace modes for different expectations.

Depending upon the day and time, you will want to measure play by different benchmarks.  We use historical data to help you determine the right target pace.  All you have to do is setup the calendar to designate normal, tournament, fast or slow.

We literally wrote the book on pace of play.

pace of play bible

You can't manage what you don't measure.

Your can review golf course optimization data in any format you’d like.  Use the canned reports available, slice and dice data, export to PDF or export to Excel for review with management and committees.  

pace of play reporting for golf club and golf course
player pace profile for golf club and golf course

Know your players better than they do themselves.

Our play profile has the data and insights you need – our patented player pace rating, restricted area violations,  and insights only we can provide.  Governance has never been easier.

Reduced waiting on the golf course is the single biggest predictor of a quality player experience.

pace of play wait time reduction from fairwayiq for golf course and golf club

Manage wait time.

Our patented methodology measures how long players are waiting on the group ahead of them.  Players can no longer blame the group ahead of them since you have the data.

No golf cart GPS screen required.

Communicate to the screen in the
player's pocket.

Send your team out to speak directly to players or send text messages – your choice.  We can even send a message to waiting groups that you have notified the group ahead of them.

Trusted by your peers.

It’s more important to you what your peers say about FAIRWAYiQ than what we say about ourselves. You should talk to them before talking to us.
"Giving people back time, leads to a valuable player experience - FAIRWAYiQ is what is helping us do that!. We're saving roughly 15 minutes during peak times. Keith Stewart, Head Golf Professional
Springdale Golf Club
"Because of our course layout, we would have to guess at where we thought groups would be on the course. With FAIRWAYiQ we can simply look at a screen and be confident that everything we need to know on the course is right there." Boomer Erick, Head Golf Professional
"I can now look at the course and know exactly which fairways to work on and when to deploy my team to ensure we do not interfere with the golfer experience." Eric Swenson, Superintendent
Floridian National Golf Club

Meet your golf course digital operating system.

Managing a golf course is difficult. FAIRWAYiQ works in the background, on any device, to make your job easier by analyzing real-time operational data and alerting you to where you need to jump in.