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An Easier Way to Manage Your Golf Course

Smarter golf course management starts with data. FAIRWAYiQ is the science based Pace of Play solution for golf courses across North America.  FAIRWAYiQ gives you the information you need to make better decisions about how you manage your golf course in real-time. The results? Maximized efficiency. Happy customers. An improved bottom line.

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No Cell Coverage. No problem.

Does your club / facility have cell coverage issues?  See how our solution works.

affordable Vehicle GPS

  • Real-time location, usage & path tracking
  • Historical time-travel analysis of all GPS locations
  • Vehicle utilization & rotation management
  • Real-time notifications if the vehicle travels in to restricted areas 

pace of play management

  • Automated Ranger sends real-time pace messages directly to staff and/or to players 
  • 4 Pace modes to manage the course during weekdays, weekends & events
  • Tee-time interval analysis and recommendations