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Changing the game!

Our Story

In 2015, we founded FAIRWAYiQ with a singular vision: to build smarter, more connected environments. The golf industry was ripe for disruption. With its closed ecosystem and lack of tech integration, it was fertile ground for the FAIRWAYiQ platform. Today, FAIRWAYiQ is already being used by golf courses across the USA & Canada. Our technology is being implemented on Professional Tour events and used to optimize thousands of pieces of equipment.

What you can expect from FAIRWAYiQ

  • Simplicity. We use technology to simplify, not complicate, your life. Expect intuitive solutions.
  • Service. We’re confident you will love working with us as much as we enjoy serving you.
  • Innovation. We work tirelessly to offer you creative, tech-forward solutions that have the power to completely transform your business.
  • Reliability. Responsive service and technology that works. Period.
  • Integrity. At the end of the day, our work is about making people’s lives better in smart and thoughtful ways.

Join the revolution.

Less time doing. More time optimizing.

GPS Tracking

Monitor everything at once, from the cart barn to the maintenance shop to the caddy yard.

Pace of Play

Optimize course flow, avoid confrontations, delight players and get results.

Equipment Monitoring

Manage resources, anticipate issues, get more done with less and maximize returns.

Task Tracking

Streamline your workflow and save time (also known as money).

Customer testimonials.

How it works!

The FAIRWAYiQ platform is built on the latest network technology

Our private secure network has a coverage range of up to 15 miles and does not require a cellular data package to operate, making our solution very cost efficient!


Data is captured from sensors & mobile devices, seamlessly connecting carts, maintenance equipment & staff, to our cloud platform.


 The gateway & antenna connects to the internet to transmit information back and forth from the cloud to the tag sensors.  A single gateway and antenna can connect thousands of sensors over miles of coverage with no data charges.


Our cloud based analytics platform, calculates data from the devices, then automatically communicates course and work-flow optimization information to the application.


The FAIRWAYiQ application lives on your desktop, in your pocket or on your wrist, providing you with real-time insights to help improve your operations efficiency.