Private Cart Manager.

A smarter golf cart GPS system specifically designed for golf communities.  We’ve built on the foundation of privacy and the need for the system to work across all golf cart brands.

Keep community residents safe, the turf healthy, and the golf course traffic flowing with Private Cart Manager.

Locational intelligence and science to the rescue.

Technology advancements in other industries have happened at a more rapid pace than golf.  The science of factory physics is all about managing widgets as they move.  We implement these concepts to manage carts as they move throughout your property.  The key is that you don’t have to worry about the science – we do that for you.  We provide the value in a simple, easy and intuitive way.

Lou Riccio, FAIRWAYiQ Chief Analytics Officer

Traditional Cart GPS has not changed for decades.

Traditional GPS has not evolved much in the last few decades and can’t manage communities with private carts.  Residents don’t want screens in their personal golf carts and they require something critical that traditional Cart GPS don’t provide… PRIVACY.

Dave Vanslette, Founder of FAIRWAYIQ

Announcing Private Cart Manager to manage your golf course community.

GPS Cart trackers are assigned to private carts.

Each privately owned golf cart has a GPS cart tracker that connects directly to the battery of the cart.  These trackers communicate with the internet when the cart is being used.  Otherwise, they are in sleep-mode.  They will only send location information when they are using areas designated as common areas, restricted areas or on the golf course.  Privacy of the cart owner is a priority.

golf course pace of play tracking system
air traffic control view of fairwayiq golf cart gps virtual ranger for private clubs and golf courses

Monitor real-time air traffic control from anywhere.

As the property manager or golf operations team, you know everything that is going on with play on your course and on the property in general.  The sensors automatically log play data, cart usage, bottlenecks, group spacing, cart usage, carts off path, restricted area alerts, and player wait times.

Real-time alerts sent to the HOA and ops team.

Your team can receive real-time alerts to address restricted area violations, speed violations, bottleneck holes, waiting groups and slow groups.  Go directly to the problems without driving around looking for them.

fairwayiq virtual ranger golf cart gps trace line path traveled

Community resident privacy is top of mind.

Heat map property and turf usage.

Use our heat mapping to see where private carts, club-owned carts, and equipment have traveled over any period of time.  Use this data to better set governance rules and better control usage, improve safety and maintain turf quality.

You can't manage what you don't measure.

You will have access to insights and data on how private carts use the property, when they use it, which locations are used more or less, which areas are safety concerns and areas where wear & tear is anticipated.  This data can be viewed in the system or downloaded for further analysis and use in your governance model.  

pace of play reporting for golf club and golf course

End of day reports highlight restricted area violations.

Depending upon the day and time, you will want to measure play by different benchmarks.  We use historical data to help you determine the right target pace.  All you have to do is setup the calendar to designate normal, tournament, fast or slow.

No cart screen required to
communicate directly to residents.

Communicate to the screen already in everyone's pocket.

Send your team out to speak directly to residents or send text messages – your choice.  We can even send automatic or manual text messages based upon what needs to be communicated.

Compliments our other offerings.

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Meet your golf course digital operating system.

Managing a golf course is difficult. FAIRWAYiQ works in the background, on any device, to make your job easier by analyzing real-time operational data and alerting you to where you need to jump in.