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FAIRWAYiQ Launches Free Trial Program

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June 9, 2021 – Waltham, MA

FAIRWAYiQ, the golf industry leader in golf course management technology, has launched a free trial program to allow customers to evaluate the FAIRWAYiQ system in real-time on their golf course at no cost. This is a limited-time program.

“Customers don’t have the time or desire to sit through demos. They need a system that can be installed quickly, and they need it to be easy to use. This is even more true now than when we first launched in 2015.”, says Dave Vanslette, Founder and CEO of FAIRWAYiQ. “The free trial allows customers to experience the system, make sure it’s right for their operation and to see what it is like to work with the US-based FAIRWAYiQ team.”

“We have developed internal systems that measure everything about the customer’s onboarding experience,” explains Chuck Rogers, Customer Success at FAIRWAYiQ, “The goal is to optimize the time it takes for the customer to get up and running. We make changes to fix the bottlenecks in the process with the objective of continuously reducing the time to value.”

FAIRWAYiQ has again demonstrated creativity and resilience in the face of the worldwide shortage of computer chips over the past 15 months.

“Most industries have been impacted by the chip shortage and we didn’t want this to impact our increased demand as golf is growing rapidly.” added Shane Bovey, Head of Engineering at FAIRWAYiQ. “We were able to work with our US-based manufacturer while also developing relationships with other suppliers. I’m excited to report that we have inventory and a predictable supply chain of hardware.”

“Until now, free trials were only done by software companies. We wanted to introduce something unique that allowed customers to feel confident in their decision.”, added Vanslette. “There is a quick sign-up on www.fairwayiq.com. The hardware is shipped within 1 business day. Customers can then use the system for 2-weeks. Should they decide to move forward, we have streamlined that process too. There is a simple agreement with no third-party leasing. Hardware inventory, a US-based team, and a buttoned-up onboarding process allow us amazing flexibility to move fast and deliver value.”


FAIRWAYiQ’s golf course management technology optimizes golf and turf operations by managing everything that moves on the golf course. GPS sensor technology is used across carts, walkers, caddies, maintenance equipment, operators and tasks. We use locational intelligence, data and analytics to improve the pace of play, reduce wait time, improve the player experience, reduce costs and increase revenue at golf course facilities of all types including private clubs, golf communities, resorts, and public facilities.

Trusted by leading golf courses and golf communities since 2015.

Company Contact:

Dave Vanslette, Founder and CEO, dave@fairwayiq.com, 1-800-649-6050
Media Inquiries, info@fairwayiq.com

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