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Management Tips For Golf Superintendents From 49ers Coach Bill Walsh

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It is no secret to those in the golf business, that one of the biggest problems for superintendents is labor. This is no small issue since over 50% of maintenance budgets are devoted to labor!

74% have problems attracting and retaining talent.

67% experience extended stretches with unfilled positions.

It can take several years for new employees to become as efficient as experienced staff. This is such a big problem that 49% of superintendents experience PERSONAL burnout. How can the management style of one of the most successful football coaches of all time help superintendents?

Bill Walsh and 49ers

Avid football fans have heard of Bill Walsh and know a bit about his success as the head coach for the San Francisco 49ers.

The numbers speak for themselves.

But did you know that the 49ers went 2–14 in 1979 and were only slightly better in 1980 with a 6–10 record?

Walsh’s focus over the first two seasons was a primary reason for the team’s success over the 10-years he was the coach.

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