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2 Takeaways From 2018’s
Golfdom Summit

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2018 was the first time we had committed ourselves to an ‘event’ like the Golfdom Summit and thought that documenting our experience was valuable. Prior to committing to the Summit that year in 2018, the FAIRWAYiQ team decided that we needed to adopt a few principles in order to meet Golf’s operators where they were at; and in turn, we would listen to the market and develop a product that would help them manage their labor and equipment more efficiently.

Among the many things we discussed that Summer in 2018, we agreed and believe that Golf is a “handshake” industry. Meaning, it is an industry built from durable and tested relationships that begin with meeting individuals in person. Or, at the very least, strengthened as a result of eventually meeting in person if not at first. As a result, we sought out opportunities that fostered that “handshake” interaction and would help us build strong relationships along the way. To us, it felt like the right thing to do.

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