About Us.

We are a collection of engineers, technologists, scientists, data analysts, mathematicians, innovators, business people, problem solvers, and golfers with the goal of helping private clubs, golf course communities, and public golf courses use data to improve their operations.

Bringing data analytics to golf operations and turf management.

FAIRWAYiQ was born in 2015 with the goal of better managing everything that moves on the golf course.  

Dave observed that there was limited technology to manage the actual golf course.  Technology existed for other aspects of management like tee times, accounting, food & beverage, inventory, but hardly any technology existed to manage where people spend the most time – on the golf course.  

Our leadership lineup.

Dave Vanslette

Founder & Chairman

Dave has served as the Pace of Play Chairman at a private country club and started FAIRWAYiQ in 2015 to address a growing need in golf – to manage golf courses using data analytics.  He asked Dr. Riccio to join the company after reading his book.
Obsessed with all things digital, Dave began his entrepreneurial journey at 12 years of age.  He fell in love with computers in high school.  He was part of the ownership team that grew a digital agency that was ultimately acquired by a multi-national advertising agency in 2012.  
Dave has enjoyed the game of golf since his teenage years and ironically plays less golf now than before he was in the golf business.

Dr. Lou Riccio

Chief Analytics Officer

30+ years modeling and optimizing golf as an expert statistician working with the USGA, PGA TOUR, and PGA of America. Columbia University and NY University professor in business analytics, factory physics, and operations management.
Author of “Golf’s Pace of Play Bible” and regular contributor to the Golf Channel, Golf Digest, and the USGA’s Pace of Play Initiative.
Lou has been an avid golfer for many years.  

Chuck Rogers

General Manager

Chuck is an experienced and results-driven customer success manager with strong business acumen and a desire to deliver excellent customer service. He believes customer service is and often ignored and an important differentiator.
Chuck has worked in a similar capacity previously at several leading software-as-a-service technology companies.
Chuck prefers TopGolf over traditional golf.

Shane Bovey

Director, Hardware & Firmware

Shane previously worked at Gooch and Housego as Vice President of RF Engineering, overseeing several of the company’s sites (2 UK, 2 US, and 1 in Europe).
Shane also worked at ST Microelectronics where he produced PCB reference designs that were used to demonstrate the capabilities of new silicon products. And, he worked for Syntech Technologies where he carried out a wide variety of roles from hardware design, hardware reviews, and design analysis.

Alex Buley

Director, Development

Alex is a back-end developer specializing in Java.  He is one of the first developers to join FAIRWAYiQ and leads the team’s efforts across a number of projects.
He has an advanced in applied mathematics. 

Viktor Tarnavskyy

Director, Development

Viktor fell in love with computers when he got his first PC at the age of 9. While a freshman in college, Viktor secured his first job as a hardware engineer assistant in Basis Tech company.
After receiving a Master’s degree in Economic Cybernetics, Viktor started his work at a security company as a software engineer.

Michelle Soares

Director, Finance and Administration

A Certified Public Accountant with both corporate and non-profit experience, Michelle has experience in all aspects of accounting including software-as-a-service.  
Michelle has been with FAIRWAYiQ since the inception of the company, setting up all systems and procedures that have enabled the company to scale.
Michelle enjoys the social experience of golf when playing in a scramble format.

Meet our experienced board of directors.

FOUNDER, CEO & DIRECTOR (2015-Present)

Dave Vanslette

Brings 30 years of technology and business experience to the company.  He has worked in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments.  Dave was a member of the ownership team at Roundarch, a leading digital agency, that was acquired by Aegis Media.  He is also an early stage investor.
Director (2018-Present)

Paul Gaumnitz

As Managing Partner at GFLP, Paul brings decades of financial and capital strategy.  He was Co-founder and director of MembersFirst, a leading software company for private golf clubs, which was acquired by Jonas in 2015.  Paul has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.
Director (2018-Present)

Kit McQuiston

Kit is an active investor and advisor to early stage private companies through Aubrey Ventures and as a member of New York Angels.  He has also served as a judge for the past fifteen years for New York University’s Graduate Business School annual Business Plan Competition.  He has an MBA from the Stern School of Business at New York University.
director (2019-present)

Rod Fletcher

In his role working with early stage companies as an investor and board member of Jennus Innovation Corp, Rod brings deep financial, capital, strategy, risk and operational experience.  He has an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. 
director (2019-present)

Drew Sawyer

As Managing Partner of 2SV Capital, Drew brings his operating and investment experience to the company.  He also has golf industry experience as a former director of Sequoia Golf which sold to Club Corp in 2014.  Drew has worked in a wide array of industries spanning all stages of growth.  He has an MBA from Harvard Business School. 

Born, managed, and serviced in the USA

Company milestones.

Adding more value to customers each year.


Exploration & Research

The idea of FAIRWAYiQ was born out of research and experience gathered from stakeholders at private golf clubs and public golf courses.


Minimally Viable Product

Development of technology that was used for beta testing with actual customers to refine the concept.  This includes our LoRa RF-based sensor maximized for battery life.


Launch of Virtual Ranger

Release of our first solution for golf course operations to manage pace of play and course flow.


Raised Additional Capital

Raised Series Seed capital to further the development and growth of the company.


Launch Virtual Turf Manager

Release our first solution for turf management that is complimentary to our golf operations solution. Added new board members Paul Gaumnitz & Kit McQuiston


Launched Private Cart Manager

Released the first solution to help manage privately owned golf carts in golf communities. Added new board members Rod Fletcher and Drew Sawyer.


Launch Advanced Sensor

Released our first cellular sensor that works on NB-IoT and CAT-M1 cellular networks.  Extended our cart GPS capabilities for turf protection.

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