The LoRa WAN Network Solution

Real-time data and information must be gathered with an established technical infrastructure for reliability. Tradition cellular connectivity is spotty and unreliable – especially on golf courses. LoRa WAN Network allows low-powered devices to connect seamlessly over large, open terrain, making it the perfect network solution for golf courses. 

How It Works: LoRaWan

How It Works: Sensor Tech

GPS Sensor Technology

Data is captured from sensors & mobile devices, seamlessly connecting carts, maintenance equipment & staff, to our cloud platform. Coupled with the LoRa WAN network, FAIRWAYiQ devices reliably track all moving assets on the course .

The FAIRWAYiQ Platform

Golf course operators are in the trenches with their staff making sure every part of their course is as efficient as possible.  The FAIRWAYiQ application lives on desktops, tablets, and phones, and sends automated updates and real-time insight to help improve your operational efficiency.


The Methodology: It’s Factory Physics

The FAIRWAYiQ methodology stems from a simple philosophy: Factory Physics. We’re in the business of golf as a business operation, and we believe that golf’s operational flow can be optimized.  Dr. Lucius Riccio, FAIRWAYiQ Chief Analytics Officer, has dedicated his academic and professional career to optimizing processes and organizational efficiencies and has tailored that approach for golf.