How it works.

A thoughtfully designed process that makes it easy for you to decide, onboard, and be fully supported as you optimize your golf and turf operation.

Product to Process.

It’s about You, not us.


You can learn about how we can help you optimize your golf and turf operation by reading our product pages, blog posts, articles or by watching demo videos. If you'd prefer to speak to us directly, we are here.

Watch the Overview of How FAIRWAYiQ Works

Virtual Ranger
Cart, Caddie, Player Intelligence to Dial-in Your Golf Operation
  • Real-time location
  • Pace of Play Management
  • Wait Time Measurement
  • Cart Path Only
  • Restricted Area Management
  • Cart Control
  • Player Communication
Private Cart Manager
Keep Golf Community Residents Safe and Protect the Property
  • Resident Privacy
  • Cart Brand Neutral
  • Speed Monitoring
  • Community Safety
  • Optional Cart Control
  • Play Management
  • Turf Protection
Virtual Turf Manager
Task, Staff and Equipment to Dial-in Your Turf Operation
  • Staff & Equipment Location
  • Automatic Task Registration
  • Equipment Hours
  • Task Efficiency Reporting
  • Transport & Dwell Time
  • Real-time Problem Alerts

SIGNING UP How it Works

We make it painless by removing unnessary steps and friction.
Final Consultation
Determine correct count of sensors, type of sensors, and answer any final questions you have to make a decision. Also, determine how you'd like to pay (monthly, annually, other)
Price Quote
You will receive an electronic price quote that you can share with internal stakeholders.
Subscription Agreement
You will receive a subscription agreement for electronic signature.

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Our onboarding process made easy for you.
You are Assigned a Customer Success Manager
Customer success will be your personal guide through the onboarding process. We believe in high-touch service.
Information Collection
We have a checklist of information to collect from you like user list, how you'd like to name the sensors, starting course pace, restricted areas, operator list and other operational goals.
System Setup
We will customize and setup the software system to suit your needs and ship out the sensors for installation.
Sensor Installation
We will provide all necessary installation and guidance for your team to install sensors. The process takes 3 minutes per cart.
Your customer success representative will conduct online training sessions for your team. We are available as often as you need.
System Tuning
We will closely monitor the system and make any final adjustments as data is collected over the first 10-14 days.

Support How it Works

Our US team is available through whatever method you prefer and when you need us.
On Your Time
We are available when you need us regardless of the time zone.
Your Preferred Method
Everyone prefers a different method of communication so we flex to yours (online chat, email, phone, or web meeting).
Unlimited Support Included
It's up to you how much you'd like us to guide you. Our support is included and flexible so you can achieve success.


We have provided a lot of information to allow you to learn as much as possible on your own prior to talking.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Our pricing is based on a monthly cost for each sensor (cart, caddie, walker, equipment).  We rent you the equipment since it only works with our system.

Yes, we are believe in simplicity and transparency.  Our packages include everything you need and there are no extras.

The sensor hardware is rented to you.  If a sensor breaks, you just return it to us for replacement at no cost to you.

Yes, of course. Our most aggressive pricing discount is on a 3 year commitment, but we can do a single year if you are unsure.  We would not ask you to do anything that makes you feel uneasy.

We encourage you to speak to customers.  That is the best way to learn about any company.  Just ask us for a reference. We also have testimonials on our website in video and case study formats.

No. We have a few models of sensors. One that works on radio frequency and the other on cellular networks. Our handheld sensors require an antenna so the battery can last several days.

There is no limit to the number of users in most of our plans.

Designed for the way you work.

Easy to setup

With a few simple steps in place, FAIRWAYiQ can be setup at your property and in use on Day 1 led by Chuck Rogers.

Mobile Friendly

We understand you’re not sitting at your desk. Take FAIRWAYiQ on-the-go using your phone.

Very little data-entry

We remain focused on removing as much data-entry from your day as possible.

Real-time alerts

We notify you only when there are outlier scenarios on property.

Works in the background

FAIRWAYiQ is designed for you to focus on bigger problems throughout the day.

Detailed analysis

You can’t fix what you don’t measure. FAIRWAYiQ brings you live analysis and reporting of all your course activity.

Getting better everyday

Our product & service are tailored around customers and the market. Everything else is secondary.

We listen to our customers

Our customers and the market are what push us to improve everyday.

The Hardware. Simple to install and setup.

FAIRWAYiQ Sensors for Golf Carts, Walkers & Maintenance Equipment

You’ll work with us to assess the proper number of FAIRWAYiQ sensors needed for your property. Whether you’re a Superintendent needing equipment sensors or a Golf Professional needing cart, walker or caddie sensors, FAIRWAYiQ sensors are built for golf operators.

Works on Everything that Moves

A FAIRWAYiQ sensor will be installed on either equipment units or carts, or handheld sensors will be given out to individual player groups or caddies.

The FAIRWAYiQ Application & Actionable Data Insights

Once the FAIRWAYiQ sensors are installed, the system will work on your property.  You’ll be able to access FAIRWAYiQ on most devices from a browser on your desktop, a tablet, or a mobile device.