Wireless Smart Valve Irrigation System For Golf Courses – Powered by the LoRaWAN Network

We’ve spoken to many Superintendents over the past several years and have heard of the daunting challenge irrigation brings to the course. One of the biggest challenges, for courses not renovating with new irrigation systems, is the amount of money it costs to have the system repaired each year. Even when dollars are budgeted for repairs, it seems each year Superintendents are going over that budget.

We recently had a conversation with an international-based company called Stratega – a LoRaWAN Alliance member that has created a first generation Wireless Smart Valve for irrigation systems on golf courses.


How is it changing irrigation and Why does this matter?

As Stratega positions it, “The first and most obvious benefit of wireless components is that they can be installed in situations where wires would be a major hassle to put in. This is particularly true in the case of retrofitting an existing built space. Some locations have plenty of water, but no power: wireless technology is the solution to the problem.”

Another benefit is the ease and speed of installation and also the reliability of the LoRaWAN network giving Superintendents confidence that the system needs little upkeep.

Moreover – the wireless smart valve is compatible with Toro, Rain Bird, and other top brands


Why does this matter for Superintendents? It matters for several reasons:


  1. Budget – One of our last conversations with a Superintendent was chalk-filled with budgeting issues and board restrictions on costs. A cut back on installation time and wire repairs saves a significant amount of money.


  1. Time – From Stratega, “Troubleshooting is also easier because, if you have a wired product, you have to look for breaks or frays in the wire. It takes time to locate that, and then to patch or splice a good line into it. With a wireless product, you don’t have to worry about that any longer.”


  1. Inserting a Digital Network – It offers an alternative to the status quo by using a LoRaWAN digital infrastructure to connect your technologies together.



Stratega sums up the concept of its Wireless Smart Valve and the installation process in the two articles below:

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