Golfers have choices and they have chosen your course specifically for certain reasons. Whether you are operating a private membership, resort, or public course, driving recurring revenue is how you’ll continue to grow. FAIRWAYiQ is committed to helping Golf Pros deliver the best possible service to its customers.

Eliminating the “Waiting Golfer”

More so than pace of play issues, the “waiting golfer” experience can hurt a golf course chances of retaining golfers as patrons. Knowing your true pace of play allows Golf Pros to eliminate the possibility of “waiting golfers” by proactively tackling pace issues before it become a true customer problem.

Large Golf Course Layout

Eliminate the property layout as a challenge and make it an asset. GPS tracking of every cart and caddie allows Golf Pros and staff to deliver exceptional service to every golfer on the course.

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Boomer Erick, Head Golf Professional
Boston Golf Club

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Eliminate The Waiting Golfer Experience

Know where your golfers are and identify bottlenecks

The worst thing to happen on your course is a bad experience. We can all agree that waiting around isn’t the ideal experience that golfers pay for and come to expect. FAIRWAYiQ allows Golf Professionals to identify course bottlenecks and handle pace of play issues with tact leading to happy golfers and more rounds.

And it also helps Superintendents with complete 2nd and 3rd tasks, stealth-fully and away from players.

Easily Find Your Course’s Bottlenecks

The only way to solve pace of play issues is to know where it exists

We know that Golf Professionals care most about teaching golf and interacting with golfers. Handling pace of play issues is certainly the least fun, but is equally as important to not ignore. FAIRWAYiQ allows pros to easily identify which player groups need a reminder on pace and helps pros lead that conversation from a data-drive perspective.