Virtual Turf Manager.

FAIRWAYiQ’s Virtual Turf Ranger uses the data from GPS technology to produce IQ that helps superintendents manage staff, tasks and equipment resulting in budget savings and efficiency.  Integrates with your favorite job board taskTracker.

Mechanics will benefit from knowing equipment hours and who used the equipment.

Manage your staff, tasks and equipment more efficiently & with less $$.

FAIRWAYiQ’s Virtual Turf Manager™ keeps an eye on equipment usage, staff progress and task completion – all in the background.  Real-time alerts are sent to you and your assistants when equipment needs maintenance, tasks are behind schedule, and staff is not as efficient as expected.   You and your assistants can focus on outlier scenarios that need to be addressed without ever having to watch a computer screen.   

golf course pace of play tracking system

Technology should not take over your day.

Staff and equipment location anytime from anywhere.

Sensors are installed in maintenance equipment so you know how equipment is used, who has used it, and where your staff is on property.  This is a huge benefit for larger properties or those properties that are not easily observable from a few specific areas.   

Automated task registration & equipment paths.

Locational intelligence data is collected as soon as equipment leaves the maintenance facility.  You can follow the path trace line, transport time, active task time and even idle time.  Tasks are automatically registered.  The system even monitors mowing patterns.  The best part is this data is all collected in the background with nothing required from you.

Measure actual times even for infrequent tasks.

The system automatically recognizes your typical tasks, but what about the tasks you don’t do as frequently?  You are able to edit any equipment activity and log the times to a specific task name. Know how long any tasks takes, even those done infrequently.  

Alerts so you know what needs your attention.

You and your assistants can receive real-time alerts or text messages when tasks are behind schedule, staff is inefficient and when equipment enters restricted areas.  Go directly to the problems without driving around looking for them.

Equipment usage history and hours.

Know who used what equipment historically and the hours on the equipment so your mechanic can maintain it on the appropriate schedule.  This data is even pushed to your favorite job board.

Next level staff profiles you can count on.

Know your staff better than they know themselves.

Our operator profile has the data and insights you need – historical equipment usage, task performance, keyfob events, restricted area violations and other insights only we can provide.  Manage with more data.

You can't manage what you don't measure.

Your team can receive real-time flow alerts to address bottleneck holes, waiting groups and slow groups.  Go directly to the problems without driving around looking for them.

Integration with your favorite digital job board.

advanced scoreboard tasktracker

Data seamlessly flows to and from your job board.

Setup your jobs in your digital job board, like taskTracker, and that data flows right into taskTracker.  Compare budget to actual task times.  Keyfob operator assignments will update your job board.  It all works in the background.

Monitor your budget on actuals not estimates.

Budget times are just estimate.  Use the actual task times to bulletproof your budget.  Actuals data gets pulled into your job board reporting automatically.

advanced scoreboard tasktracker
advanced scoreboard tasktracker

Setup work orders based upon equipment hours.

The sensor collects equipment usage hours and automatically pushes them into your the equipment management tool so that your mechanic can maintain equipment to the maintenance schedule.

Work in between play

Know where play is so your team can work in the gaps.

Send your team out to the gaps in play.  Through our Virtual Ranger ™, you can see where players are and the golf professional staff can see where maintenance is so they don’t send out players to where your team is working.  Simply efficient. 

Trusted by hundreds in North America like these.

Meet your golf course digital operating system.

Managing a golf course is difficult. FAIRWAYiQ works in the background, on any device, to make your job easier by analyzing real-time operational data and alerting you to where you need to jump in.