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Get the big picture on everything that matters most!

Put smarts in your equipment
Our GPS sensor technology connects mowers, maintenance equipment, and carts together on a private network. Know how everything’s operating, how it’s being used, and how to make the most of it—all in real time.

Prevent maintenance issues
Make more efficient daily decisions to help ensure the best use of course overhead. Flag mechanical issues before they occur, manage equipment utilization and optimize rotation flow.

Automate your universe
Identify and track tasks automatically through task benchmarking and proactive work scheduling. Our software is simple to use, easy to understand and impossible to ignore. Get real-time mobile alerts about crucial issues and insights. 

Plan tomorrow today
Make the most of budget planning with our actuals. Understand where your dollars are going and how to maximize those dollars. Predictive analytics give you actionable insights on everything from staff training and fleet management to better tee times. Timely information helps you understand the big picture.

Watch this short video to learn more about the basic features and functions of the FAIRWAYiQ Maintenance Application.

What does it cost?

MAINTENANCE | Full Course Coverage

1-year subscription
$5,499 / year

3-year subscription
$4,499 / year

What do you get?


Manage resources, anticipate issues, get more done with less and maximize returns.


  • Predict issues before they occur
  • Reduce costs by protecting your assets
  • Measure what you manage
  • Improve efficiencies
  • Create best practices through performance insights
  • Streamline route planning
  • Save time by managing everything through your cell phone or mobile device


  • Real-time equipment location, usage & path tracking
  • Historical time-travel analysis of all GPS locations and usage
  • Real-time notifications of fuel usage, fault alerts, equipment activity, including idling
  • Real-time notifications when equipment enters certain areas
  • Equipment utilization & rotation management
  • Data-driven reporting, analytics and insights, including those for preventative maintenance
  • Locations captured every 10-20 seconds
  • Benchmarking and task monitoring when used with our Task Tracker solution
  • Heat mapping analysis of usage over time
  • Time-travel mode enables GPS activity reviews for any given day to better plan routes


Streamline your workflow, save time and money.


  • Reduce costs by managing labor more effectively and efficiently
  • Identify staff training opportunities
  • Improve efficiencies and save money
  • Optimize quality control
  • Create best practices through staff performance insights


  • Real-time and historical staff activity tracking
  • Real-time notifications about staff bottlenecks, idling and outlier issues
  • Real-time gap identification
  • Automated activity tracking in custom maintenance areas, including mowing
  • Time-travel mode enables GPS activity reviews for any given day to address staff
    training issues
  • Geofencing capabilities to define custom maintenance areas
  • Benchmarking and task monitoring to measure effectiveness