In our last article, we covered the ability to alert Superintendents when jobs are taking longer than expected and how it may impact employees getting caught during play. In this article, we’ll cover the same fundamental principle of alerting Superintendents of the outlier scenarios on the property and how ‘restricted area’ violations can become more visible.

Parts of the property are designated for employees to avoid and the best method, to date, for Superintendents ensure this happens is to continue to remind employees. This may happen verbally and/or typed out on a job board like taskTracker. But FAIRWAYiQ has gone an extra step to ensuring that Superintendents are able to keep an eye on these parts of the property without having to physically oversee each section.

To do this, FAIRWAYiQ created a ‘Restricted Areas’ geo-fence for these parts of the property as shown below:


When the GPS sensor embedded on the equipment unit picks up a location inside the geo-fenced area, Superintendents will receive a text alert notifying them of the occurrence.

There are multiple reasons why parts of a property might be considered restricted—to both players and employees. Nevertheless, no matter the reasoning, it’s important to know when it happens and, more importantly, how frequently.