Protect the Turf.

Maintains quality turf conditions and reduces turf costs by managing cart traffic.

Real-time alerts, text communication to players, and optional beeper to alert the player.

Manage all types of play: carts, caddies & walkers.

FAIRWAYiQ’s Virtual Ranger™ keeps an eye on the flow of carts, caddies and players.  Real-time alerts are sent to your golf operations team indicating bottlenecks, slow players, players who are waiting.  Your team goes directly to the problem areas and addresses the issues with concrete data.   

golf cart gps
golf course pace of play tracking system
golf course pace of play tracking system

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Protect the Turf ™ maintains quality turf conditions and reduces turf costs by managing cart traffic

The golf course is geofenced.

The entire property is geofenced by our team with your guidance – you can adjust from there on your own.  We start with tees, greens, cart paths and any areas designed as restricted. 

Areas or holes can be turned on/off as needed.

It’s simple to change the configuration of areas the you want to protect from cart traffic on any given day.  Simple as a flip of a switch from any device.

Geofence configurations are sent down to the cart immediately.

This is where the value of edge computing really shines.  All of the configuration data lives on the golf cart so there is no delay in alerts or sounding the cart beeper.  By the way, don’t worry, the cart beeper is plenty loud and will get players to correct their behavior.

GPS location is sampled 10x a second for accuracy.

Our cart GPS sensor samples location in milliseconds to ensure the greatest accuracy and avoid false violations.  This is imperative to the player experience as there is nothing worse than being told you are in violation when you aren’t.

Real-time area violation notifications are sent to your team.

Your team can receive real-time notifications on area violations so that they can address the issue immediately or wait until later.  Data is also saved for reporting purposes.

player pace profile for golf club and golf course

The data is logged to player profiles.

Data is also logged to individual player profiles which can be used for governance purposes by management, ownership, golf committees, boards and home owner assoications.

golf cart tracking

The optional beeper sounds to alert the player.

Immediate feedback is provide to the player in the cart when the enter a geofenced area they should not be in.  The beeper is an effective deterrent that keeps players out of areas without having to slow down the golf cart which is a terrible experience.

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Communicate to the screen in the
player's pocket.

Send your team out to speak directly to players or send text messages – your choice.  We can even send a message to players that violate geofencing so they know it in real-time.

No golf cart GPS screen required.

Meet your golf course digital operating system.

Managing a golf course is difficult. FAIRWAYiQ works in the background, on any device, to make your job easier by analyzing real-time operational data and alerting you to where you need to jump in.