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Your ace in the hole!

Put smarts in your carts (and everything else)
Our GPS sensor technology connects carts, mowers and maintenance equipment together on a private network. Know how everything’s operating, how it’s being used, and how to make the most of it—all in real time.

Pick up the pace
FAIRWAYiQ instantly improves the game’s biggest obstacle. Track pace-of-play bottlenecks, identify high-traffic areas, improve course flow and deliver a superior player experience. Notify golfers about slow play with proven data.

Plan tomorrow today
Make the most of budget planning with our actuals. Understand where your dollars are going and how to maximize those dollars. Predictive analytics gives you actionable insights on everything from better tee times to staff training and fleet management. Timely information helps you understand the big picture.

Watch this short video to learn more about the basic features and functions of the FAIRWAYiQ Cart GPS & Pace of Play Application.

What does it cost?

GOLF OPERATIONS | Full Course Coverage

CARTS | 1-year subscription
$10,499 / year

CARTS | 3-year subscription
$8,499 / year

CADDIES | 1-year subscription
$4,499 / year

CADDIES | 3-year subscription
$3,499 / year

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What do you get?


Optimize course flow, avoid confrontations, delight players and get results.


  • Deliver a better playing experience
  • Predict bottlenecks in real time before they occur
  • Provide accurate tee time and round estimates to players
  • Understand course pace vs benchmark/goal pace
  • Avoid player confrontations
  • Monitor group pace (player, caddie and carts)
  • Improve efficiencies and reduce costs by eliminating need for rangers/marshals
  • Save time by managing everything through your cell phone or mobile device


  • Detailed pace of play management data at your fingertips
  • Automated tee time tracking
  • Real-time tracking of pace of play management metrics
  • Real-time notifications about pace of play to staff and players
  • Data-driven reporting, analytics and insights
  • 4 Pace modes to manage the course during weekdays, weekends & events
  • Tee-time interval analysis and recommendations
  • Historical round reviews


Monitor everything at once, from the cart barn to the maintenance shop to the caddy yard.


  • Control cart and equipment flow and usage
  • Measure what you manage through solid data
  • Plan for the future with predictive analytics
  • Save time by managing everything through your cell phone or mobile device
  • Create best practices through performance insights
  • Improve efficiencies and reduce costs


  • Real-time location, usage & path tracking
  • Historical time-travel analysis of all GPS locations and usage
  • Data-driven reporting, analytics and insights
  • Benchmarking and task monitoring when used with our Task Tracker solution
  • Vehicle utilization & rotation management
  • Real-time notifications if items travel to restricted areas 
  • Locations captured every 10-20 seconds
  • Cart rotation recommendations to keep your cart fleet balanced
  • Time-travel mode enables GPS activity reviews for any given day
  • Real-time notifications of first and last cart of the day
  • Real-time notification of equipment idling
  • Convenient cart profile data when handling player issue
  • Weather and course information