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FAIRWAYiQ’s solution is based upon the science of factory physics, transportation management and big data analytics.

Dr. Lou Riccio’s 30+ years expertise allows us to deliver actionable insights, while keeping the science in the background (where it belongs) so you can continue to focus on your work, staff management and customer service.

Dr. Lou Riccio

Dr. Riccio, FAIRWAYiQ’s Chief Analytics Officer, has served on the faculty of the Columbia School of International and Public Affairs teaching analytics, decision modeling and operations management. He has also served as the Commissioner of NYC’s Department of Transportation. Dr. Riccio has combined his professional background with his love for the game of golf to become the foremost expert on pace of play.  He has worked extensively with the USGA and the PGA of America on pace of play and has served on the board of directors of the Metropolitan Golf Association.

“Pace of Play Bible”

Schedule a demo to receive a copy of Dr. Riccio’s book, which outlines the science behind our pace of play management solution.

Intellectual Property

Our patent strategy incorporates many modern concepts starting with our data collection methods through to data analytics and predictive intelligence. The broader science behind delivering intelligence on people and equipment in big open spaces, which applies to many industries outside of golf (where we are starting).  Again, we do the work here so you don’t have to think about it, but rest assured there is a lot behind our simple-looking solutions.