It’s not uncommon for jobs to take longer than originally intended, even when considering that most Superintendents have tasks dialed in pretty efficiently. The reality is, players and owners expect that level of efficiency day in and day out—a seemingly impossible task no matter how good one is. This is primarily because “things happen” that are out of our control. At FAIRWAYiQ, we call these the ‘Outlier’ scenarios during a work day—the things that happen that we simply can’t account for but are expected by constituents of the club or property. These cases might include guys driving through restricted areas or staying clear of players during play.

In this article, we’re going to review a problem-set that was brought to us by a customer about 8 months ago. The issue they were trying to solve was:


‘Is there a way to get notified before an employee might get caught by players during his first tasks?’


The answer to this question, after testing and live tests, is Yes. Before we dive into the solution itself, there is a presupposition built into the solution that we will explain. The presupposition is that this type of notification solution cannot operate effectively during shotgun play. In other words, play needs to start on Hole 1, for example, and continue linearly throughout the day.


To the solution…


FAIRWAYiQ’s geo-fence capabilities allow Superintendents to know where employees and equipment are on the property at all time. This can be read via the taskTracker job board or seen directly on the FAIRWAYiQ map view as shown below:



In order to properly know whether an employee will get caught by players during the day, we lean slightly on the Superintendents knowledge of what time play generally hits certain holes on the course. For example, if play starts at 7:30am, it might reasonable to think that the first group will complete the 5th hole by 8:45am. In this scenario, it’d be a good expectation to want to have Jon (who is mowing fairways and started on hole 1) off of hole 4 by 7:30am, for example, to not get caught later in the day.

To do this, the FAIRWAYiQ development team designed a customizable alerting dashboard for Superintendents to specify what time guys should be out of certain holes during the day. And if they are still in that hole during that specified time, the Superintendent and/or Assistant Superintendent will get a text alert. Here is what the alerting dashboard looks like:



Text alert example:

We are now able to deliver messages in real-time highlighting these types of outlier scenarios that Superintendents otherwise couldn’t possibly account for. It allows Superintendents and their assistants a chance to redirect and revise midday tasks as necessary and remain out of play. Again, the purpose is to help Superintendents set up rules during the day and send alerts whenever these rules are triggered.