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Features Overview

Real-time and historical Vehicle, Caddie & Player GPS tracking

Tracks the location of all of your assets in real-time and keeps the history of GPS locations

 Example:  Real-time vehicle, caddie & player tracking (web browser) Example:  Real-time vehicle, caddie & player tracking (web browser)  Example:  Real-time equipment tracking (web browser) Example:  Real-time equipment tracking (web browser)

  • Locations captured every 10-20 seconds
  • Vehicle rotation recommendations to keep your fleet balanced
  • Analyze vehicle profile information such as historical usage and hours
  • Review GPS activity for any day historically through time-travel mode
  • Receive notifications in real-time if the vehicle goes into restricted areas or leaves the property

Path Tracking

Trace the path of any vehicle, caddie, or player

 Example: Playback mode (web browser) Example: Playback mode (web browser)

  • Playback the path taken to better plan routes or address issues

Mobile GPS Tracking

All the information you need to do your job is in our mobile application

 Example:  iPhone application screens Example:  iPhone application screens

  • Know exactly how many vehicles, caddies & players are on the golf course, and exactly where they are
  • Receive a notification when the first vehicle goes out and the last vehicle comes in
  • View vehicle profile and historical locations when handling issues