Free trial program.

Our 2-week free trial program allows you to evaluate the FAIRWAYiQ system in real-time on your golf course at no cost.

WHY A Free Trial Program?

Software companies in industries outside of golf have been offering free trials for years.  FAIRWAYiQ has introduced something unique to the golf industry that allows customers to feel confident in their decision.
No Time for Demos
Golf Professionals, General Managers, Superintendents, Golf Committees, Boards and Owners simply don't have the time to sit through a demo.
Demo Videos are Abstract
Viewing a demo video only gets you so far in knowing if this is the right company, the right system and solves the problem effectively and simply.
Experience is Everything
A trial allows you to see how fast we operate, how easy it is to work with us and how well the system works before you make a commitment.


Simple and rapid onboarding to the trial so you get to start experiencing the value within a few business days.

Trial Signup

You have completed signup online providing course and user information.

Within 1 Business Day

GPS Unit Shipped

Our customer success team will email you tracking information including simply installation instructions for a single GPS unit.
Within 1 Business Day

Your Course is Setup

Our customer success team geofences 3 holes, sets up a restricted area and your user login. You will receive an email with all necessary information to get started on the 2-week trial.

Days 1-14

Trial Usage

Once you have installed the GPS Unit, you are ready to experience FAIRWAYiQ. You have our full support during the trail in any way you’d like.
Days 1-14

Day 15

Decide to Move Forward

If you decide to move forward, we will initiate our simple signup and onboarding process which will have your entire operation up and running within 14 days.
Day 15

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Yes, there is no charge at all.


You have full use of the system for 2 weeks. We will supply you 1 GPS unit that will work on your property.  You will see pace work on 3 holes and be able to see restricted area notifications work. 

There is no obligation to move forward although many customers do.  

If you decide to move forward, we will start the signup simple signup process which consists of a single agreement (no third-party leasing agreement or credit check). We will also initiate the onboarding process which will take 14-days to complete for your full operation.

If you decide not to move forward, then you simply return the GPS unit and we will delete your account.