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FAIRWAYiQ Enhances its Golf Cart GPS Geofencing Solution to Keep Carts on Path Using Edge Computing

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January 25, 2022 – Waltham, MA

FAIRWAYiQ, the golf industry leader in golf course management analytics, automation, and management technology, has enhanced its golf cart GPS geofencing solution to keep carts on path using edge computing.   Edge computing allows for fast and accurate computing of geofence violations on the golf cart itself instead of in the cloud application.

“We are excited to bring edge computing the golf industry which continues to be behind other industries in terms of advanced technology” explains Dave Vanslette, Founder and CEO at FAIRWAYiQ, “Many golfers have had terrible experiences where a cart beeps in error while on the cart path where it is allowed.  The traditional cart GPS systems use older technology that allows for these errors.  FAIRWAYiQ’s edge computing loads the geofence data onto the golf cart so the cart’s real-time location can be checked instantaneously instead of having to go up over the internet to the cloud application which causes delays. The system is fast and accurate, improving the player experience and eliminating erroneous violations.”

“One of the biggest issues we are working with customers on today is protecting the golf course from excessive traffic.  There is a lot more cart traffic due to increase in rounds.  The cost of replacing turf is expensive.  Most customers see a positive return on investment within 6 months.”, says Chuck Rogers, Head of Customer Success at FAIRWAYiQ, “The beeper is easy to install and does not require any modifications to the golf cart.  This is very attractive to customers who lease their carts and don’t want to drill a hole in the cart altering it in any way.”

“FAIRWAYiQ’s geofencing system allows golf operations teams to receive alerts directly to their mobile phone so they know what’s happening on the golf course in real-time.  The violations are saved to the player profiles for governance purposes.  Players are alerted to the violation with a loud beeper installed in the golf cart.  The system can also automatically send players a notification when the violation occurs.”, says Dave Vanslette, “Labor shortages are being offset by adding technology which is never sick and is easier to manage than people.  Automating simple tasks using data is cost effective and allows the golf operations staff to focus on the more difficult work of customer satisfaction which computers cannot do well.  It’s the perfect mix.”


FAIRWAYiQ’s golf course analytics, automation, and management technology optimize golf and turf operations by managing everything that moves on the golf course.  GPS sensor technology is used across carts, walkers, caddies, maintenance equipment, operators, and tasks.  We use locational intelligence, data, automation, and analytics to protect the turf from increased cart traffic, improve the pace of play, reduce wait time, improve the player experience, reduce costs and increase revenue at golf course facilities of all types including private clubs, golf communities, resorts, and public facilities.

Trusted by leading golf courses, resorts, and golf communities since 2015.  Trusted by hundreds like:  Troon, Parkland Golf & Country Club, Vanderbilt Country Club, The Polo Club, Secession Golf Club, Foxtail Golf Club, Pinnacle Peak Country Club, Cherry Creek Country Club, Vineyard Golf Club, Boston Golf Club, Comanche Trace, Independence Golf Club, Advance Golf Partners, Woodbridge Golf Club, Town of Oyster Bay Golf Course, Sandy Run Golf Club, Sun City Summerlin, Potomac Shores, Haggin Oaks and many more.


Dave Vanslette, Founder and CEO, dave@fairwayiq.com, 1-800-649-6050
Media Inquiries, info@fairwayiq.com

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