Part 2: Led by IBM Watson, AI and Machine Learning make progress in AgTech

Our July issue featured the catalyst for new technologies in industries like Agriculture and Farming. External pressures like changes in climate and population growth are forcing these industries to adapt and think of new ways to tackle these current and future problem-sets. Golf, like Agriculture and Farming, has also experienced a push by external pressures—seemingly more this season than others in recent memory. As mentioned in our July article, May 2019 was recorded as the second wettest month on record. [...]

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Part 1: The Third Green Revolution – The IoT-Based Smart Farming Cycle and Why It Matters For Golf

It only seems natural to turn to adjacent industries to see what techniques and improvements can be made. As I see it, one of Golf’s closest industry relatives is Agriculture and Farming. The parallels of contesting with nature, ongoing labor management, and maintenance are characteristics that connect Agriculture and Golf. Yet, they are exactly the same characteristics that separate them from other industries. The major advances coming from Agriculture and Farming are found in their technological developments and application—specifically in [...]

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4 Things for Superintendents To Consider When Adding New Technology To Their Maintenance Operations

In this week’s article I wanted to address 4 things for Superintendents to consider when adding new technology to their operations. When writing about different topics, I try to find connections between different industries and see how those can fit in the world I live in—in this case, Golf. I found the inspiration for this article in an unlikely place—a childhood rival. Part of what makes the emotional rollercoaster of sports so gripping is the apparent necessity for an arch-rival. [...]

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Protecting parts of the property that are considered ‘Restricted Areas’? – Here is FAIRWAYiQ’s approach to tackling this problem-set

In our last article, we covered the ability to alert Superintendents when jobs are taking longer than expected and how it may impact employees getting caught during play. In this article, we’ll cover the same fundamental principle of alerting Superintendents of the outlier scenarios on the property and how ‘restricted area’ violations can become more visible. Parts of the property are designated for employees to avoid and the best method, to date, for Superintendents ensure this happens is to continue [...]

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Have your employees ever gotten caught by players while doing their 1st tasks? Consider getting an alert when they’re behind time…

It’s not uncommon for jobs to take longer than originally intended, even when considering that most Superintendents have tasks dialed in pretty efficiently. The reality is, players and owners expect that level of efficiency day in and day out—a seemingly impossible task no matter how good one is. This is primarily because “things happen” that are out of our control. At FAIRWAYiQ, we call these the ‘Outlier’ scenarios during a work day—the things that happen that we simply can’t account [...]

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Creating Accountability or Anarchy With Proper Labor Management?

In our last article we discussed how to arrive at actual working times and how interpret the information when you have it. What we’d like to tackle in this article, and hopefully will be the theme of this piece, is understanding the significance of the information FAIRWAYiQ uncovers as it relates to labor management and potential pushback from staff. Truly knowing actual working times is not an insignificance piece of information. In fact, it’s quite the opposite—at the management/operations level [...]

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Asset Tracking: How To Make Use of Data and What To Start Doing With Data When It Comes In?

Among the many benefits of collecting real-time actuals on moving equipment assets is the ability to generate reports on the data that was collected. An important facet of becoming more efficient is the ability to know what efficiency looks like and this is where the integration of FAIRWAYiQ and taskTracker come into play for Superintendents. Efficiency in maintaining property means keeping the grounds up to a specific set of standards within a given budget. Often times the budget can be [...]

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Estimates vs. Actuals: Data-driven Approach To Labor Management

(Click to enhance image) In our last article, we covered the general components and values of GPS technology that are currently being used by Superintendents. In this article, we’re going to cover one of these components further—estimated working times vs. actual working times. The first question one might ask is ‘What problem or problems are we trying to solve’ by looking at time worked. By “we”, I really mean the Golf industry collectively.  After talking with many Superintendents, so far [...]

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GPS Location: How is it benefitting Superintendents today and where is it heading?

GPS technology is conventionally looked at as method to help us get from one location to another as quickly as possible. We see this in apps like Apple maps, Google Maps, and Waze. Other uses like the iPhone app ‘Find Friends’, focus on using GPS as a safety-first solution, allowing app users to know where their friends or family are at any given time. When broken down to its most simplistic form, GPS technology gives us two things: a specific [...]

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Retro-Fitting New Technologies for Golf & Why the Gartner Hype Cycle Explains the Technological Adoption Speed in Golf

Technology effectively needs two components to survive in an industry—investment of time and money and also market adaption. There’s no secret that technology has been slow to grow successfully in the golf space, but recently there has been an uptick in products successfully fitting and adding value to the operations of Superintendents, for example.   The Gartner Hype Cycle The purpose of the Gartner Hype Cycle is meant to understand the general human behavior to new innovations and technologies when [...]

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