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Features Overview

Real-time & Historical equipment location

Our solution automatically tracks real-time and historical equipment location & usage

 Example:  Real-time equipment tracking (web browser) Example:  Real-time equipment tracking (web browser)  Example:  Equipment profile (web browser) Example:  Equipment profile (web browser)

  • Locations captured every 10-20 seconds
  • Monitor location, activity and movement of equipment
  • Analyze equipment profile information such as historical usage and hours
  • Receive notifications based upon specific activity
  • Benchmark and monitor tasks when used with our Task Tracker solution

path tracking through historical analysis

Trace the path taken by any piece of equipment

 Example:  Equipment path tracking (web browser) Example:  Equipment path tracking (web browser)

  • Play back the path taken by equipment to better plan routes or address staff training issues
  • Receive notifications when equipment enters certain areas or dwells for periods of time

heat mapping of Activity

Analyze specific usage of the golf course over a period of time

 Example:  Heat mapping (web browser) Example:  Heat mapping (web browser)

  • Activity of players, carts, caddies, staff and equipment are overlaid on the golf course map to identify patterns that impact maintenance
  • Analyze hot spots where maintenance was performed on any given day
  • Adjust cart path signage to protect heavily utilized areas of the golf course

mobile equipment monitoring

All the information you need to do your job is in our mobile application

  • Monitor real-time gaps-in-play, location of equipment and task information
  • Schedule notifications for items you need to know about