Protecting parts of the property that are considered ‘Restricted Areas’? – Here is FAIRWAYiQ’s approach to tackling this problem-set

In our last article, we covered the ability to alert Superintendents when jobs are taking longer than expected and how it may impact employees getting caught during play. In this article, we’ll cover the same fundamental principle of alerting Superintendents of the outlier scenarios on the property and how ‘restricted area’ violations can become more visible. Parts of the property are designated for employees to avoid and the best method, to date, for Superintendents ensure this happens is to continue [...]

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Creating Accountability or Anarchy With Proper Labor Management?

In our last article we discussed how to arrive at actual working times and how interpret the information when you have it. What we’d like to tackle in this article, and hopefully will be the theme of this piece, is understanding the significance of the information FAIRWAYiQ uncovers as it relates to labor management and potential pushback from staff. Truly knowing actual working times is not an insignificance piece of information. In fact, it’s quite the opposite—at the management/operations level [...]

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The Gartner Hype Cycle Methodology Applied To The New Wave Golf Course Technologies (5 min read)

The Gartner Hype Cycle The purpose of the Gartner Hype Cycle is meant to understand the general human behavior to new innovations and technologies when they become real and applicable in a market. When innovations are promoted, there is usually a “hype” around the potential of what that technology can do, and more importantly, what it means for the future of an industry and the people working in it. The Gartner Hype Cycle can also be used as a tool [...]

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How technology is helping to reinvent golf – Intel Article

By Andrew Wooden, Technology Writer Thanks to swing sensors and laser range-finders, golfing data allows players and coaches to analyze their games and improve performance. See full article at: https://www.intel.co.uk/big-data-powered-golf.html Golf players and fans alike have long had an affinity for data. Websites like golfstats.com[1] can already reveal in-depth details about the career of your favorite golfer, from the number of tournament 'wins' and 'best finishes' to more specific match details, such as 'most fairways hit' and 'longest driving average'. As [...]

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Part 2: Golf’s Relationship With Uncertainty and How One Course Is Embracing Change

The premise of this article is to explore the dynamics that seemingly prevent Golf from adopting technologies at a faster rate than a vast majority of industries. A majority of industries will spend roughly 3%-5% of revenue back into technological infrastructure while Golf spends less than 1%.  Much of the evidence gathered has come directly from talking with Superintendents, Golf Pros, and General Managers who admit Golf’s slow adoption to technology that could otherwise help course productivity and efficiency if [...]

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The LoRaWAN Eco-System: The new digital infrastructure for SMART cities and why Golf should be next

SMART Cities using LoRaWAN The LoRaWAN Network, like any beta network, has been in a steady phase of market testing and gradual consumer adoption. The LoRaWAN Network’s real market competition has been cellular network connectivity made popular by large cell phone providers like Verizon and AT&T. But unlike cellular connectivity, which only services devices with limited strength and large power consumption, LoRaWAN provides long range signal coverage through radio frequency. What this really means is reliability. Notice how AT&T’s slogan [...]

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The LoRaWAN Network: What Is It and Why Does It Fit Golf (4 min read)

The LoRaWAN Network: What Is It and Why Does It Fit Golf LoRaWAN is a low powered, long range wide area and secure data transmitting network. So, what is it really? Think of it like a new age WiFi that connects devices to the internet. The network powers and connects assets that would otherwise roam aimlessly throughout their existence without being connected for a greater purpose. These assets can be things like movable equipment, gas monitors, and [...]

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Part 1: Technology and Golf’s Relationship With Uncertainty (4 min read)

Technology and Golf’s Relationship With Uncertainty The passion in golf is unmistakable. From the operators who work at golf clubs to the golfers themselves—Golf is a world-wide pastime that is unmistakably cherished and loved by those involved. Yet, with any great passion and love (platonic, romantic, or otherwise) there’s some downside, and golf’s downside is its comfort level with uncertainty. What do I mean by uncertainty and why did I use the word “uncertainty”. To explain this, I’m going to [...]

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Is Pace a Problem for All Courses?

By Dr. Lou RiccioPace of play may not pose a problem for some courses, not because it is under control, but because the venue offers other, very appealing qualities. Consider a great resort course or a major championship venue. Such courses can charge high fees and still bring in lots of patrons. What do golfers expect at those courses? Why do they choose to pay such high fees when there are nearby courses that charge as little as one tenth [...]

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Silicon Valley Golf Clubs sign up for FAIRWAYiQ

The momentum continues to build, as FAIRWAYiQ signs two Silicon Valley golf clubs.  La Rinconada Country Club (Los Gatos, CA) and Sharon Heights Golf & Country Club (Menlo Park, CA) have independently moved to the FAIRWAYiQ platform, to help drive efficiency across their Golf & Maintenance operations. Why FAIRWAYiQ?With an emphasis on Pace of Play, Enhancing the Player Experience, and Improving Course Maintenance Vehicle Management; both clubs have turned to FAIRWAYiQ’s unique industry leading technology. Industry Leading TechnologyUnlike all other asset tracking [...]

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