Why should Superintendents track their staff & equipment?

It was early Sunday morning, and I’d been invited to speak at a #GIS2016 Superintendents forum, hosted by GMS in San Diego. During a prior preparation call with Dean Wochaski (GMS, Co-President), we had discussed the importance of introducing real-time data analytics to the golf course, and how our FAIRWAYiQ system, has the potential to revolutionize course operations around the world.

At the forum, I got straight in to why we’re tracking golfers, caddies, carts, staff and maintenance equipment. I explained, that knowing the real-time location of everything on the golf course, will help drive huge efficiencies when it comes to staff productivity and task management.  By having visibility to where all the groups are, and at what speed they are moving, we can alert superintendents of the gaps during normal playing hours.

A staff member can then be automatically dispatched, through our task tracker system, to complete the task and be made aware of the time remaining before the next group of golfers, encroaches on the area where they’re working. Our golf course management solution automatically benchmarks the time it takes to complete activities, like mowing fairways, rolling greens or cutting the rough, and compare those benchmarks against actual staff performance.  FAIRWAYiQ’s task tracker system can automatically dispatch the most efficient staff member to perform a task, and because the equipment is tagged, our system knows what equipment staff members are using.  Superintendents will also be able to assess the impact of golf course architecture changes on their maintenance budget to avoid costly mistakes.

It wasn’t long until the forum turned into an animated open Q&A session, in which I was reminded of the reason we started FAIRWAYiQ… we wholeheartedly believe that we’ve discovered a solution to a problem that needs to be solved…. and if the excitement in that room is anything to go by, we’re on the right track!