Improving the Player Experience

FAIRWAYiQ brings real-time data analytics to golf, by creating a golf course management solution that connects and measures everything that moves on the course. The patent pending technology, is a Smart-Tag that unobtrusively blends in to the background, and lives on bags, carts (cart GPS), push carts, caddies and maintenance equipment.  The Smart-Tag was designed with the traditions of the game in mind, and built to help improve golf course operation efficiencies, in a climate that demands better utilization of resources.

The player version, is a beautifully designed Smart Bag Tag, with a built in Range-Finder that gives accurate distance to the flagstick, and provides exact distance from the previous shot. The Smart Bag Tag also provides players with useful information, including an estimated completion time for the round, live pace of play management, and critical alerts such as weather warnings and encroachment of restricted zones.

The data captured from the Smart-Tag is run through the FAIRWAYiQ proprietary algorithms, which then surface live & predictive efficiency driving insights to course operators. This industry changing information enables operators to better understand their course, and where necessary make data driven decisions to improve utilization.  For example, having access to individual hole data, will reveal insights like traffic patterns and pace of play management issues, which helps operators decide on flagstick locations, and possible architecture changes.  Superintendents also use the information to better manage their staff efficiency, as they have real-time visibility to gaps of play on the course, and the amount of time staff have to work in those gaps.

The FAIRWAYiQ team are experts in the intricacies of golf course management, pace of play management and data analytics. This innovative solution was specifically designed by the team, to support the traditions of the game, while revolutionizing course operations, and enhancing the playing experience for golfers.