A Modern Solution for a Traditional Game

There is something comforting about the rich history and the traditions of golf, that have carried on since the game began, back in 15th century Scotland. The game has taught me so much through the years, which is why I encouraged my children to learn to play – things like humility, respect, perseverance and honesty, are all important to character development.

Tradition, though, has inhibited innovation. Golf course management hasn’t evolved, and the lack of progress is now resulting in financial challenges for courses all around the world. While technology has revolutionized the game through better equipment, golf course operations and management remains outdated. This is why we started FAIRWAYiQ…

FAIRWAYiQ is utilizing technology to better manage golf courses, while respecting the traditions of the game. Our team are experts in the intricacies of course management and data analytics. Currently course operators have a limited understanding of what is happening beyond line-of-sight, and resort to driving around the golf course, hoping to correctly discover course flow issues. Very little data is being used to manage operations, and even that data is often inaccurate. Golf course operators don’t want to be reactive when it comes to servicing customers, because players naturally expect an enjoyable experience. This has all led to years of unsuccessful industry focus on pace of play management, which unfortunately has only had a detrimental impact on the game.

FAIRWAYiQ is approaching the games biggest challenge in a completely different way. For the first time ever, we’re bringing real-time data analytics to the golf course. Simply put, we’re connecting and tracking the live and historical location and position of every asset on the course, through our beautifully designed smart tags. Our system then analyzes the data and delivers real-time insights that proactively help operators manage their golf courses more efficiently, and enhance the players experience. Delivering a system like this was not easy. FAIRWAYiQ’s solution has combined advanced network and tracking technology, statistical analysis, data science and factory physics, all packed into our intuitive design. This has been a challenge we’ve invested the very best of us in, and the result is an innovative technology solution that supports the traditions of the game, while revolutionizing golf course management for the benefit, of both the operators and the players alike.