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Features Overview

Real-time & Historical Activity tracking

Know where your staff are on the property in real-time

 Example:  Real-time staff activity tracking (web browser) Example:  Real-time staff activity tracking (web browser)

  • Identify specific locations of your staff members and how long they have been there
  • Receive notifications when staff members are spending too much time in an area

historical Path Tracking analysis

Trace & analyze all activities, including mowing patterns

 Example:  Time travel historical analysis (web browser) Example:  Time travel historical analysis (web browser)

  • Trace paths taken by staff members to identify inefficiencies
  • Use time travel to train staff members on desired behaviors

Automated activity tracking in Custom maintenance areas

Our application tracks everything that happens in definable custom areas on the golf course

 Example:  Area profiles (web browser) Example:  Area profiles (web browser)

  • Ability to our use geofencing capabilities to define custom maintenance areas
  • Monitor custom areas for staff, equipment and play activity
  • Analyze how much time was spent in areas by staff and equipment historically to identify training opportunities or poor staff performance

automated benchmarking and tracking of task performance

Our task tracker works in the background for you while requiring you to do very little

 Example:  iPhone application notification Example:  iPhone application notification

  • Tasks are learned in the background through the system automatically and verified a few times to understand specific patterns
  • Task benchmarks are automatically calculated (i.e. how long does it take to mow a specific area) and used to measure effectiveness
  • Received alerts for any tasks that are outside typical benchmark times through notifications

Real-time gap identification

Plan your work in between active play to improve efficiency and save money

 Example:  Real-time gap identification (web browser) Example:  Real-time gap identification (web browser)

  • Monitor the gaps are to know long they will last so you can get more work done
  • Get notified when there is a certain amount of time between play in a specific area

mobile task tracker

A robust mobile application so you have all of the information you need in your pocket while you do your job away from your deck (which is most of the time)

  • Locate staff members anywhere on the property while you are out on the golf course
  • Receive notifications when staff member location changes
  • Monitor the gaps-in-play while on the golf course so you can get more done
  • Use task tracker to identify a staff member who is responsible for a quality issue