GPS Technology for Superintendents

Asset Tracking + Digital Job Board

Introducing EliteiQ: Integrating taskTracker with FAIRWAYiQ for real-time, actual data on taskTracker tasks

Get A 45-Day Pilot Of EliteiQ

At Your Course

Here's How The Pilot Program Works:

Step 1. Setup the taskTracker Elite Package

taskTracker Elite gives Superintendents access to input their equipment list and maintain an equipment inventory

Step 2. Setup the FAIRWAYiQ System

Sensors are installed on equipment where real-time data is tracked and recorded

Step 3. Integrate Both Systems

Integrating both systems immediately gives Superintendents a baseline of data such as real vs. budgeted task hours per operator per task

Step 4. Get Custom Notifications & Reporting

Once the integration is finalized, we'll work with you to customize notifications and reports that you need / care about

Several Courses Now Powered by EliteiQ in the Mid-Atlantic